Our drink mixes are simple, with a blend of dragon fruit mixed with lime, ginger, or lilikoi. Perfect for all your beverage needs. 

Dragonrita just may be the very best margarita ever made with TSF white dragon fruit, TSF lime with all the lime flavor you love and a hint of Hawaiian chili pepper at the finish. 

DragonStorm is a ginger lover's delight.  We use 4 pounds of ginger that we juice then take the pulp and brew it to make a tea, mix it with TSF white dragon fruit and TSF limes that creates a bright, tantalizing ginger concentrate that is wonderful straight up on the rocks, with rum in a Dark n Stormy, a Moscow Mule or a Vodka cranberry cocktail.  You won't believe how good it is.

DragonLili is made with TSF red dragon fruit and TSF lilikoi.  Use it with champagne for a delightful and beautiful mimosa. It also is good as a substitute for orange juice in other cocktails.  It is wonderful with sparkling water over ice as a refreshing spritzer.  It is delicious!



Drink Mixes

  • DragonLili: Red dragon druit, lilikoi puree, filtered water and sugar.


    DragonRita: White dragon fruit, filtered water, sugar, lime juice and Hawaiian chili peppers.


    DragonStorm: White dragon fruit, filtered water, sugar, local ginger (puree and juice) and lime juice.