What is a farmer anyway?

farm·er /ˈfärmər/ noun noun: farmer; plural noun: farmers 1. a person who owns or manages a farm. 2. HISTORICAL a person to whom the collection of taxes was contracted for a fee.

I have told my story countless times at the farmers markets over the past few years. One of the things I loved most about the farmer's market was talking story with people from all over the world and to my local community alike. My story goes like this, I bought my farm at a farmers market. People usually ask if that's a true story, I say yes then elaborate a bit more. I came in June of 2016 to Hawaii to search for a vacation rental because I wanted to spend more time on the island to see if this is where I wanted the next phase of my life to be. I went to a farmers market on a Sunday and met the former owners of the farm. We talked story for a bit when I mentioned i was looking for property on the big island. The lady looked at me with a gleam in her eye then handed me a flyer and asked "do you want to buy a farm?" That meeting changed my life and sent me on a completely new life course. Something about Tai Shan lit me up. I couldn't stop thinking about it when I got back to Portland. A month later I had my offer accepted and I was on the path to a new adventure. And boy howdy has it been an amazing journey so far. Hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, pandemics, dragon goo and more. I absolutely love growing food then making it into delicious dishes. I've been cooking my whole life and having this opportunity to have a farm and be a cook is a dream. My posts about food, farming, the environment, the economy and food culture are going to be my truth and I hope it makes you think about food in a new way. They might also piss you off as I'm going to challenge some beliefs. Portland is a foodie town and I ate my way through some of the best restaurants when I lived there. I bring that culinary knowledge here and I'm now adding knowledge about farming, sustainability and soil health to the mix. I want to challenge you on what you eat and what you think about food. Thanks for reading. As always much love and aloha. Kevin

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