Come intern with us at Tai Shan Farms

The prime directive of the Tai Shan Farms internship program is to create a safe place for people to come together to learn, to teach, to have fun, to create, and to experience a different culture while acquiring new life skills. 


During your stay you will learn about natural farming, bee keeping, maintaining farm equipment, propagation, plant disease management, pruning, and natural fertilization.  In addition, you will learn how to work in a kitchen, proper food handling, knife skills, follow recipes and create them, inventory, cost control, selling and marketing and so much more. We complete tasks for about 5 hours a day, five days a week with 2 days off. We require a minimum of a 2 month stay with priority given to interns looking for long term placement. You can stay as long as you like. It's up to you. We're looking for individuals who possess a positive attitude, who are curious about life and who works and plays well with others. No experience necessary. We can teach you the skills you need and give you a platform to practice what you've learned in a positive and nurturing environment. All you need to possess is desire to learn and determination to succeed and you will thrive. This experience will prepare you to start and run your own business or at least give you an immersion experience to know what it takes and how to do it. You will work alongside both us doing all the things it takes to make our business successful. 

The Tai Shan Farms internship program is an unpaid internship. We provide you with everything you need to live comfortably on the farm during your stay -- from room/board and food (did we mention we are a couple of foodie farmers?), to a shared intern car to explore the island on your off time.  You provide your own spending money, toiletries and clothing and shoes.

We believe in and practice the following principles:
  • Self Reliance:  We encourage each individual to discover, exercise and rely on their inner resources. Be a self starter! Ask for direction when you need help but first take the initiative to research answers to problems. Take responsibility for your actions, your health and your well being.

  • Communal Effort: Creative cooperation and collaboration are key to making the farm a great experience for everyone. Be involved in as many aspects of the farm as you can, and maybe even some that are outside your comfort zone.  

  • Leave no Trace: Recycle as much as possible. Reuse where applicable. Clean up after yourself and take the initiative to clean up messes that may not belong to you. Take responsibility for communal and personal property around the farm by treating them as you would your own.  Return borrowed items to where you found them.  Be mindful of limited resources; conserve water, electricity and food. 

  • Participate: Everyone is invited to participate in every aspect of the farm and business.  You’re here to work, play, learn, contribute, teach, live, create, and make the farm a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy.  

  • Communication/Kindness/Consideration: Always act with kindness, compassion and consideration for those around you, including yourself.  Always remember that everyone is doing their best.

  • Find your Niche: Pause, observe, grow, experiment, and be ok with making mistakes.  Find things that make you happy and motivated, then do more of that.   Be aware and thoughtful about your practice.  Be aware of your surroundings and others in your area.

If this interests you, please send an email to Kevin ( and Esther (, briefly answering the following prompts:

  • Tell us about yourself!

  • Why Hawaii and Tai Shan Farms ?

  • What areas of the farm would you like to explore during your internship? (i.e. Are you interested in working with the dragon fruit, tending to the honey/bees, helping with the farmers markets, leading any business developments, etc.)?

  • What is your preferred start and end date for the internship? Are you flexible with these dates?


We look forward to hearing from you! Mahalo!