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Aloha from Tai Shan Farms

Jun 26, 2018

Aloha from the big island of Hawai’i.

It’s here! Our new website is finally here with a more usable interface and easier shopping cart with an updated look to represent the new branding for all our products. We hope you enjoy it, finding it easier to navigate, quicker to purchase our products when you’re not visiting Hawaii and enjoy the visual content. A recipe page is coming! If you have any recipes of your own using our delicious products, send them in or post them to our Facebook or Instagram pages.

The farm is far away from any volcanic activity, we’re not in any danger from the lava flows. Mahalo to everyone that has reached out to check on our well being over the past few weeks. It means so much that people are concerned about us and the farm. We’ve been seeing just a bit of VOG (volcanic off gas) and we’ve had a dusting or two of ash but we’re miles away from the lava fissures affecting the lower Puna area. Tai Shan Farms donated some of our baked goods to the shelters for displaced residents from the affected area. Spreading aloha wherever we can.

Fruit production is coming on slower than expected; I'm thinking the filtered sunlight we've been having due to VOG has slowed the plants from having enough energy to really get into heavy production. But on the plus side the fruit that is out there is large, beautiful and tastes amazing! Slow and steady, we'll take it. The field looks great, the plants are healthy and are in much better condition than last year. If you’re visiting Hawai’I, come see us at the farmers markets! We do have limited amounts of fresh fruit available for purchase.

We’re working a few projects around the farm to continue to improve our farm to table mission statement. We’re in the process of putting in a pineapple patch and a larger pepper garden. Pineapple is a main ingredient for our smoothies at the markets and also an upcoming product we’ve been working on. A white dragon fruit, smoked pineapple and lilikoi based grilling sauce. The initial reviews are off the charts. We’re working on refining the recipe and hope to have our first bottling by summer’s end. Our goal is to debut our new line of grilling and cooking sauces by November.

Lastly, we made the change to a compostable container for our baked honey cups. We ditched the recyclable foam boards for the snap lid compostable containers. Our initial testing has been favorable. We appreciate your feedback, if you’ve bought honey cups from the markets or online and have experienced any issues, please let us know. We are committed to using a compostable container but also ensure you’re receiving your product in the best shape possible.

Mahalo nui our friends. Until next time, aloha.